$15 million verdict in federal court as the result of a conspiracy between a mother and her family and a foreign national airline to remove American daughter from the U.S. in violation of a family court order; father did not see his daughter for over five years,

$2.7 million pre-trial settlement ($4.5 million future value) for the estate and surviving wife and children of a man who contracted mesothelioma, 20 years after working with asbestos cement pipes as part of an emergency sewer repair crew for a few summers while in college.

$1.5 million pre-trial settlement for union carpenter injured by jerry-rigged mechanical saw provided by his employer at a Manhattan 60-floor building construction site.

$495,000 pre-trial settlement for 82-year old women who suffered kidney damage after using a popular bowel cleaning product in preparation for a colonoscopy.

$465,000 pre-trial settlement against hospital and law firm (that missed the time to bring a wrongful death claim) in favor of estate and surviving spouse for the death of a 62-year old man who may have died from undiagnosed lung blood clots that came from his legs.

$50,000 jury verdict in favor of woman whose former boyfriend and father of her child had her prosecuted, without probable cause, for what he claimed were annoying text messages and her violation of an eight year old order of protection