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Serious injuries (Click to Open)

Serious injuries include physical and emotional injuries that have had a significant impact on a person’s working and personal life; we have brought lawsuits for those type of injuries that have occurred at construction sites, New York streets, commercial buildings, at home and at work, on international aircraft flights and in many other situations and places:

  • Violation of laws and codes, for example, providing workers with dangerous or defective tools or failing to keep a worksite free of obstructions
  • Carelessness by businesses (negligence)
  • Asbestos exposure causing mesothelioma
  • Defective products
  • Property hazards and failure to keep property clear and clean
  • Injuries during international airline flights
  • Drivers who hit pedestrians (negligence)
Case results include:
  • $2.7 million pre-trial settlement ($4.5 million future value) for the estate and surviving wife and children of a man who contracted mesothelioma, 20 years after working with asbestos cement pipes as part of an emergency sewer repair crew for a few summers while in college
  • $1.5 million pre-trial settlement for union carpenter injured by jerry-rigged mechanical saw provided by his employer at a Manhattan 60-floor building construction site
  • $495,000 pre-trial settlement for 82-year old women who suffered kidney damage after using a popular bowel cleaning product in preparation for a colonoscopy.
  • $465,000 pre-trial settlement against hospital and law firm (that missed the time to bring a wrongful death claim) in favor of estate and surviving spouse for the death of a 62-year old man who may have died from undiagnosed lung blood clots that came from his legs
  • Numerous pre-trial settlements in cases involving pedestrians hit by cars, who typically have suffered broken bones or worse, at or close to the limits of the drivers’ insurance policies
  • High five-figure settlement with U.S. airline resulting from its serving hot water for tea to passenger who suffered second degree burns on he legs during an international flight

NY Wage & Tip Claims (Click to Open)

Unpaid wages, tips and bonuses and illegal deductions from paychecks may be recovered under the New York Labor Law. In many cases, the law provides for a 100% penalty for unpaid wages and tips and in some cases for the recovery of attorneys’ fees.

  • At the very start of the lawsuit, negotiated a six-figure return of tips to nine waiters from a prominent, foreign-owned Manhattan restaurant that had distributed those tips to management. One waiter received $36,000 in unpaid tips.
  • At the very start of the lawsuit, recovered full five-figure unpaid wages and attorneys’ fees for Manhattan restaurant operating manager, who had been given 16 weekly checks that were not backed by available funds.
  • At the close of discovery, reach five-figure settlement for head waiter and dining room manager in trendy Brooklyn restaurant for unpaid salary.
  • Representing over 100 Cipriani cater waiters and with the support of the New York Attorney General, argued before New York’s highest court that “services charges” are tips. In a later decision that actually reached the issue, the Court accepted the argument.

Other Lawsuits (Click to Open)

In 2006, Robert Erlanger was first named a SuperLawyer in the New York City metro area for “General Litigation” (starting in 2009 and every year thereafter, he was named a SuperLawyer for Plaintiff’s: Personal Injury). He has successfully resolved many different kinds of lawsuits and pre-lawsuit disputes:

  • Defamation by libel (by writing) or slander (by words)
  • Malicious prosecution (starting and continuing a criminal proceeding without probable cause)
  • Civil rights violations, including placing someone in police custody without probable cause and excessive use of force while in police custody or in prison
  • Interfering with child custody between different countries
  • Personal property damage or loss
  • breach of contract
Case results include:
  • $15 million verdict in federal court as the result of a conspiracy between a mother and her family and a foreign national airline to remove American daughter from the U.S. in violation of a family court order; father did not see his daughter for over five years
  • Mid five-figure settlement with prominent national daily newspaper and NYC real estate broker for falsely implying that the property seller was trying to set a fire in his townhouse
  • $50,000 jury verdict in favor of woman whose former boyfriend and father of her child had her prosecuted, without probable cause, for what he claimed were annoying text messages and her violation of an eight year old order of protection
  • Before filing a lawsuit, quickly negotiated five-figure settlement at full replacement value with insurance carrier for the theft of a collection of Hermes ties during handling by a moving company

Legal Advice/Contract Review (Click to Open)

Robert Erlanger has over 30 years experience representing plaintiffs and defendants in lawsuits. He has also been a voluntary mediator (the middle man) for the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York since 1998, guiding plaintiffs and defendants toward their own settlements. Based on experience and because 95% of the work done by the Firm involves lawsuits, a lawsuit is the last thing you would want to be involved in if you could avoid it. If lawsuit cannot be avoided, you would want to be in the best possible position to endure and resolve it in your favor. Come speak with us about your dispute for a fixed fee and we may be able to save you much headache and money in the long run.

Or if you need to have a contract negotiated we will do that for a fixed fee based on our estimate of the time involved.

Or if you just need to have a form contract or one that you cannot negotiate explained to you in detail, so that you will know exactly what you are signing and your rights (or lack of rights) before you sign it, we can do that for a fixed fee.

We have had extensive experience reviewing and negotiating:

  • Employment contracts
  • Restaurant operating contracts
  • Leases
  • Settlement agreements
  • non-disclosure and non-compete agreements